Combine innovation and marketing with Empathy

EMPATHY – the neglected factor in strategic transformation. 

The purpose of business is to help solving a customer problem. Any business has two – just two – core functions: INNOVATION and MARKETING. The rest is managing efficiency. Innovation and Marketing are the distinguishing, unique functions of any business. 

The objective of Innovation and Marketing is to create and deliver new, superior solutions to a customer Problem. 

In doing so it doesn’t make any difference whether we target individual consumers directly (B2C) or we set our focus on organisations (B2B). In any case, problem owners, decision makers and beneficiaries are always people. 

Therefore, if we are to create value and impact we always deal with HUMAN BEINGS, as individuals or within groups. 

MARKETING and INNOVATION and thus notably STRATEGY will achieve the desired outcomes only if it includes EMPATHY as a core element.

Setting the agenda on strategy, value capture and innovation.
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